About Polygon

As a Layer 2 scaling solution, Polygon is designed to facilitate faster, cheaper transactions on the Ethereum mainnet while maintaining its security. This makes it a preferred choice for developers looking to build efficient, scalable, and low-cost applications such as INMO. Polygon’s robust infrastructure and interoperability make it possible to create a diverse range of applications, from DeFi protocols to interactive games and now, revolutionary social media platforms. Its use of proof-of-stake consensus mechanisms also underscores a commitment to energy efficiency, making it a more sustainable choice for blockchain development.

Data Storage Information

Innovatively built on the Polygon blockchain, INMO is a pioneering social media platform that respects and utilizes user data in a transformative way. Our platform ensures that all user interactions, achievements, and content are securely stored on an immutable and transparent blockchain, empowering our unique system of user engagement and reward. With INMO, data isn’t just stored – it’s a meaningful part of your personal journey within our community, enhancing your user experience, and serving as a trusted record of your creative endeavours and accomplishments.