INMO Winners & DIY Challenge

Dear INMO friends,

We hope this email finds you in high spirits and creativity! As we continue to celebrate the unique talents within our community, we’re thrilled to share some exciting updates.

🏆 A Round of Applause for Our ‘Favorite Brands’ Challenge Winners!

Last week, we asked you to showcase your favorite brands. Congratulations to the top 10 creators who rose to the occasion and captivated the INMO community. Want to see who won? We just uploaded a new video on INMO to showcase the winners – go check it out!

Btw, each of you has been awarded (check your INMO wallets).

🚀 This Week’s Challenge is coming to a close: Show Your Coolest DIY Creation

You don’t have much time left. Roll up your sleeves and dive into our latest challenge – “DIY Creations”. Whether it’s a home decor project, a clever hack, or a handmade masterpiece, we want to see what you can create with your own two hands. The rules are simple:

– Create a video showcasing your DIY project.

– Upload it to INMO.

– Encourage your friends and followers to vote for your creation.

Winners will be announced today!

📈 Live Leaderboard: Keep an Eye on the Competition

Don’t forget to check out the live leaderboard to see where you stand. The top 10 posts with the most votes will be featured. So, get creative, share your DIY skills, and let the votes roll in!

Good luck, and keep creating,
The INMO Team

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