What are you built on?

The foundation of INMO, our revolutionary social media platform, is built upon an industry-leading technology – Polygon. This innovative choice isn’t arbitrary, but a deliberate and strategic decision to provide our users with the most robust, reliable, and efficient platform possible.

Polygon, formerly known as Matic Network, is a Layer 2 scaling solution that is built on top of Ethereum, one of the most well-known and widely used blockchain networks. However, Polygon takes the strengths of Ethereum and supercharges them, addressing some of the traditional challenges such as issues with scalability and high transaction costs. These improvements make Polygon a formidable choice for building a comprehensive and user-friendly social media platform like INMO.

The scalability that Polygon offers is one of its most remarkable features. It achieves this by using a process called “sharding,” which effectively splits the entire Ethereum network into smaller parts, known as shards. Each shard operates semi-independently, which allows many transactions to be processed in parallel, instead of sequentially. This means that INMO can handle a much higher volume of user activity simultaneously, providing a seamless and uninterrupted user experience.

Polygon also significantly reduces transaction fees. Anyone familiar with blockchain technology knows that high transaction fees have been a limiting factor for many users. By solving this problem, Polygon makes it feasible for INMO to offer micro-transactions, which are essential for rewarding user engagement and facilitating the buying and selling of unique user content.

In addition, Polygon maintains the security and decentralization characteristics of Ethereum. These attributes ensure that all user data and transaction history are secure and cannot be tampered with. Decentralization is a key aspect that grants users control over their data, instead of being at the mercy of a centralized authority. It supports the notion of transparency and trust, key attributes that are increasingly important to today’s digital-savvy users.

The choice of Polygon as our platform also opens up the potential for interoperability with other Ethereum-based applications. This means that as INMO grows, we can integrate with other services and platforms, enhancing the functionality and potential use cases for our users.

Moreover, the speed of transactions on the Polygon network is another standout feature. Blockchain networks can often be slow, with transaction times ranging from 15 seconds to 5 minutes. However, Polygon has significantly improved upon this, providing near-instant transactions. This speed is vital in ensuring INMO users can interact with the platform in real-time, thereby keeping user engagement high and ensuring a smooth, enjoyable user experience.

All these factors combine to make Polygon the optimal choice for INMO. It provides the scalability, low transaction costs, security, and speed needed for a dynamic and user-focused social media platform. With Polygon, INMO is not just built on a cutting-edge technology platform – it’s built for the future of social interaction, where every action is rewarded, and users are empowered to engage creatively and meaningfully with the community.

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