INMO Winners & DIY Challenge

Dear INMO friends, We hope this email finds you in high spirits and creativity! As we continue to celebrate the unique talents within our community, we’re thrilled to share some exciting updates. 🏆 A Round of Applause for Our ‘Favorite Brands’ Challenge Winners! Last week, we asked you to showcase your favorite brands. Congratulations to […]

Unleash Your Creativity 🎨 in INMO’s DIY Craft Challenge!

Hello Creative Spirits, It’s time to get crafty! We’re thrilled to announce INMO’s latest challenge: the DIY Craft Challenge. Showcase your artistry with homemade decorations, unique upcycled items, or stunning art pieces. Here’s your canvas to inspire and be inspired: – Post your DIY craft video on INMO. – Engage with the community, gather votes, […]

The First Mover Advantage

Like they always say, change can be scary…but, they also say it can be a good thing! Just like how it is to be a first-mover to a new social media app that you have never used before and are definitely not an expert in (yet). While it may be more comfortable to stay with what you know, good things come with the new, too! Here are several advantages to being a first-mover on a new social media app like INMO.

Creators are not being paid what they’re worth

Unlike traditional social media platforms, at INMO, we plan on rewarding creators for our content directly, building a sustainable ecosystem for content creators. We believe on providing creators with the tools they need to thrive.

The Future of Social Media: How Blockchain Technology Powers INMO

The Future of Social Media: How Blockchain Technology Powers INMO As technology evolves, the landscape of social media has seen a drastic transformation. Traditionally, users consume and generate content, with their contributions being the lifeblood that keeps these platforms alive. However, their efforts often go unrecognized and unrewarded. Enter INMO, a revolutionary social media platform […]